We focus on the three business areas ,i.e., “renewable energy as main power source,” “energy efficiency maximization,” and “intelligent energy infrastructure.”
We are developing two businesses, "engineering segment" and "energy supply segment".

【Engineering Segment】

In the engineering segment, we operate a flow business model focused on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC*) for energy conservation and renewable energy-related facilities.

Energy conservation EPC

  • Cogeneration systems
  • LNG satellite systems
  • Utility energy-saving systems

Renewable energy EPC

  • Photovoltaic generation systems
  • Biomass power systems
  • *EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

【Energy Supply Segment】

In the energy supply segment, we operate a stock business model focused on renewable energy power generation and operation and maintenance.

  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • Renewable energy power generation
  • Electricity retailing

Other services

  • ●Energy management services
  • ●24-hour remote monitoring services
  • ●ERAB* services
  • ●Fuel supply services (including LNG and biomass fuel)
  • *Energy Resource Aggregation Business: Business that uses virtual power plant (VPP), demand response (DR) and other technologies to provide services such as supply-demand adjustment capacity, imbalance avoidance, rate reduction, and output suppression avoidance to general power transmission and distribution operators, power retailers, and consumers.

Renewable energy
power plants
in operation


  • Ibaraki Ushiku Mega Solar Plant
    (generation capacity 29.4MW)
  • Chiba Katori Mega Solar Plant
    (generation capacity 14.4MW)
  • Chiba Ichihara Solar Plant
    (generation capacity 7.2MW)
  • Sizuoka Kikukawa First Solar Plant
    (generation capacity 9.5MW)
  • Mie Enewood Matsuzaka Woody Biomass Power Plant
    (generation capacity 5.8MW)
  • Kochi Muroto Mega Solar Plant
    (generation capacity 30.2MW)
  • IMURAYA CO., LTD. Main Plant
    (On-site PPA, generation capacity 0.6MW)
  • THK RHYTHM CO., LTD. Hamamatsu Plant
    (On-site PPA, generation capacity 1.8MW)
  • ARIAKE JAPAN Co., Ltd Kyushu Plant
    (On-site PPA, generation capacity 2.6MW)
  • DMG MORI CO., LTD. Iga Campus
    (On-site PPA, generation capacity 5.4MW (Phase 1))
  • Nishiki-machi 2MW Woody Biomass Power Plant
    (generation capacity 2.0MW)
  • Note 1. Solar power plant generation capacity indicates module-based installed capacity (sum of maximum output by solar battery modules).
  • Note 2. Biomass and wind power plant generation capacity indicates generator output-based installed capacity.
  • Note 3. Total generation capacity for renewable energy power generation facilities includesrenewable energy power generation facilities owned by consolidated subsidiaries and bycompanies in which.