TESS Group
Information Security Policy

TESS Group considers information security-related initiatives as important management issues in its business activities.
TESS Group shall strive to protect the customers’ information assets that it handles, as well as the group’s assets, prevent information security accidents, and continue to improve protection and prevention.
TESS Group shall set forth, implement, and promote the Information Security Policy below to live up to the trust of society and customers.

  • 1. We will establish an information security management system and operate, maintain, and continuously improve it.
  • 2. We will implement information security measures based on risk assessment and ensure prevention and recurrence of accidents.
  • 3. We will educate and offer training to officers and employees to improve their awareness towards information protection and ensure that they learn regulations regarding information management.
  • 4. We will offer services that comply with relevant laws and regulations and meet requirements by customers and secure security of information assets.

June 28, 2024