TESS Holdings Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy

1.Basic Policy
TESS Holdings Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) believes that a corporation has an important social obligation to handle Personal Information (defined in Paragraph 2) appropriately in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
The Company has established the following Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to ensure appropriate handling and management of Personal Information.
2.Definition of Personal Information

For the purposes of this Policy, Personal Information refers to information related to a living individual that falls under any of the below:

  • (1) Information which allows identification of a specific individual by the included name, birth date, and other descriptions (including information that could easily be reconciled with other information to identify a specific person); and
  • (2) Information that includes Individual Identification Code.
3.Acquisition of Personal Information
The Company may acquire Personal Information to the extent necessary for achieving the following purposes. The Company will not acquire Personal Information without consent from the individual, or through unfair methods such as fraud.


  • ・To provide information related to TESS Group
  • ・To maintain, manage, protect, improve, and newly develop services and solutions provided by TESS Group
  • ・To respond to matters of inquiry
  • ・For filing and reporting to the government offices, etc.
  • ・For integrated business management and internal control of TESS Group
  • ・For other purposes of use expressly stated at the time of acquisition of Personal Information
4.Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use and provide Personal Information within the scope of purpose of use stated in the preceding Paragraph and will obtain prior consent by the individual if the Personal Information is to be used or provided for reasons other than the scope of purpose of use.
5.Non-Disclosure of Personal Information
The Company will not disclose Personal Information to a third party without consent from the individual except as stated in the preceding Paragraph or in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
6.Management of Personal Information
The Company shall implement necessary and sufficient safety measures against the risks regarding Personal Information such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage; maintain accurate and latest Personal Information within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use; and delete the Personal Information without delay when its use is no longer needed.
7.Consignment of Personal Information
The Company may consign or provide acquisition or management of Personal Information to a third party within the scope of use of Personal Information. In such a case, the Company will manage that the party to whom the Personal Information is consigned or provided will satisfy sufficient level of protection of Personal Information.
8.Joint Use
The Company may jointly use the Personal Information acquired by the Company as follows:
  • (1) Personal Information items subject to joint use
    All Personal Information held by the Company except otherwise requested by the individual
  • (2) Scope of joint users
    Subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company (including equity method affiliates)
  • (3) Purpose of use for joint users
    The same as “Paragraph 3. Acquisition of Personal Information.”
  • (4) Name of the person responsible for the management of such Personal Information
    TESS Holdings Co., Ltd.
9.Contact regarding Personal Information
For inquiries, correction, suspension of use, etc., of Personal Information, or to consult or make claims regarding the handling of Personal Information, please contact the following and we will promptly respond to the extent reasonable.

<Personal Information Contact Information>
TESS Holdings Co., Ltd.
Public Relations & Investor Relations Team
Corporate Management Unit, Administration Department
TEL: +81-6-6308-2794 FAX: +81-6-6308-2749

10.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The Company shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to Personal Information, and review the initiatives stated in the above Paragraphs as appropriate.
The Company may change or revise the Policy without notice in accordance with the change in laws and regulations or change, etc., in our methods regarding protection of Personal Information.

Revised March 24, 2021